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Data Centre design and management is one of Advanced IP’s core offerings. We’re specialists in designing, deploying and managing the entire data centre space. The data centres are now scaled to handle hundreds of gigabits per second of data transfer and even 100Gbps access at the edge! Introducing a new system or application is now controlled through a central management centre along with the implementation of true routing rather than a switching architecture in the data centre, thereby greatly reducing chances of loops and outages in a traditional DC. Full design, deployment and support options are available for SDN Data Centre services from Advanced IP. We’ve designed transport, L4-L7 intelligent application handling and load balancing as well as security.

Our in-house design patterns ensure that irrespective of budget the data centre is able to meet key requirements such as power redundancy, floor layout, top of rack (ToR) and end of row (EoR) based designs, multi-tenancy (IP address overlapping) and most importantly 99.999% Uptime/Availability and Service Level Agreements. Our data centre is designed efficiently to seamlessly integrate and bolt on services such as security, monitoring and load-balancing.  Our designs primarily use Cisco technology as the underlying transport mechanism to get your data from A to B but we use further specialised equipment such as F5 networks for loadbalancing solutions. CheckPoint, FortiNet and Cisco for security solutions.

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Some of our Telecomms work

We installed a UK wide 16 site IOS XE and NX-OS switching and routing layer for a customer who had to push a massive amount of their quality service monitoring tool traffic to central sites around the UK. This study will show the challenges we faced and how we overcame those challenges with planning and precision.

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