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Make your business applications highly available and secure.

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Enterprise Grade Application Availability

Our High availability service suite consists of intelligent loadbalancing of mission critical applications that require highly available intelligent networks to sit upon. One of the many mechanisms we use is the load balancer which can provide a combination of active/standby scenarios depending on the service that sits on the servers. The load balancing packages provide much more than just flipping between active and standby servers; services such as URL rewrites and/or redirection depending on any number of variables.

High availability even goes into the realm of DNS with global traffic management to ensure your worldwide sites are directed at resources closest to them to ensure low application response times, RTT and usability. We have a close relationship with F5 Networks and are able to design, deploy and support F5 products. The high availability solutions on offer can be delivered on premise in your private cloud or enterprise infrastructure or even in the cloud with Amazon AWS services.

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Take advantage of Advanced IPs HCI and Converged infrastructure offering and bring about real, measurable change to your business intelligence.


Migrate away from legacy hardware and software using Load Balancers

How a load balancer is a very effective tool for migration options.

An existing application can have a loadbalancer sat in front of it, all customers of that application can then target a ‘VIP’ address with the legacy server/application sitting behind the VIP address. Once all users have been migrated to using the VIP, you switch the back end server to use the new servers.

This minimises any negative effect on your customers and requires the least amount of changes for your customers. What you get a smooth transition to a new service.

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