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Business WIFI Solutions

Faster, more efficient enterprise wireless solutions
Network connectivity is the cornerstone of every business anywhere in the world. If your internal connectivity is not functioning as expected, it has a knock on effect on all your operations. Get rid of your headache once and for all by employing real network experts to take care of your network. Business grade WiFi solutions are second to none in the market.  We aim to understand your environment by carrying out wireless site surveys and heatmaps to ensure you’re setup correctly from the get go! With the coronavirus pandemic, we can even extend your offices’ wireless network to your home using a very special and cost effective device that is an extension to your office.
Our expertise in network and security engineering means you’re in the most capable hands. Don’t take our word for it, read through some of our testimonials and feel free to ask for references from some of our existing customers. For more information:

Engagement Process / How we work

We take you and your business seriously; that is why we work hard to ensure we understand you and your growth plans as much as possible before we start quoting wireless networks, access points and firewalls! Our first port of call is carrying out a site survey with some of the most advanced tools available. This survey tells us beforehand if we are going to get any potential issues with interference or ‘noisy devices’. From the survey we design a secure, effective and highly durable wired and wireless network that is usually perfectly capable of handling traffic for up to 5 years of growth.
Our wireless consultancy offering isn’t for a type of business. We look at the size of your sight and it’s complexity when determining what to implement.

We can offer the following benefits:

For small sites of up to 200 users

  • Multigigabit speeds
  • Full mesh where Ethernet cabling is not available
  • All access points centrally managed from a dedicated controller
  • Multiple SSIDs
  • Portal based access
  • No licensing requirements
  • Extremely simple and easy to use web interface
  • Advanced Security
  • No IT qualifications needed to setup and configure a professional Wireless Network

For larger sites:

  • Smart Insights – Big Data based WiFi analytics and reporting engine that helps you make more informed decisions about the operation and support of your wireless network.
  • Cloud based management via a director
  • Centralised licensing
  • Cloud and NFV based appliances for large deployments and high speeds

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    We’re a small but agile technology firm based in Birmingham. We work with some of the biggest brands in the UK; bringing them the very best in network and security technology. Why not take advantage of big company solutions and implement them in your business? Our promise is NEVER to sell you something you don’t need. Speak to us or click on the button below to see some of the solutions we implement.